Keeping the Internet safe, one browser at a time

Microsoft’s Inter­net Explorer browser hasn’t been my daily work browser for many years, and I can’t see that chan­ging any­time soon. There are many reas­ons that I’m not going to go into, but these days it’s mostly about what I’m famil­i­ar with. From the sat­is­fac­tion num­bers I’ve seen, IE is still quite the power­house browser-of-choice for a large major­ity of Inter­net users, but it’s not my cup of tea.

But this post isn’t really about my selec­tion of browser. Rather, it’s about an inter­est­ing online ini­ti­at­ive focus­ing on Kinsa, the Kid’s Inter­net Safety Alli­ance.

The cam­paign, dubbed Browse with Con­fid­ence is a new online des­tin­a­tion designed to pro­mote safe brows­ing using Microsoft’s IE 8 browser and fea­tures links to product inform­a­tion, and down­loads.

But that’s not all
The really cool part about this is the way the Browse with Con­fid­ence ini­ti­at­ive is gen­er­at­ing funds for Kinsa. As you can see in this image, Microsoft Canada is donat­ing $2.00 when you ‘post your sup­port’ on your Face­book Wall. The more people post, the more Kinsa gets. Simple.

So, yeah, Microsoft gets a little PR bump out of this, but in my mind, the big bene­fit is to Kinsa, who:

…helps to find, res­cue and heal child vic­tims of abuse whos images are shared on the Inter­net.”

For more inform­a­tion, check out the video, or hit Kinsa’s web­site. And con­sider giv­ing your sup­port to Kinsa.

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