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  • Rogue One: A Masterpiece of Star Wars Storytelling

    Star Wars is a uni­verse of myths and legends, a place where the impossible becomes pos­sible, where dreams are made real, and where her­oes rise from humble begin­nings. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story con­tin­ues this tra­di­tion, weav­ing a new tale of hope, sac­ri­fice and cour­age into the fab­ric of the Star Wars universe. The…

  • How I’m preparing for the new Star Wars movie.

    I’m set. We have even­ing tick­ets in the swanky-wide-butt seats at the loc­al omniplex. But, I want to revis­it the story line pri­or to the event. So, off to watch the six pre­vi­ous movies I go. Or do I? This post in a loc­al fan group on Face­book has me think­ing… do I need to see them…

  • Card Hunter becomes Loot & Legends and now available for iPad

    I’ve been play­ing this cool D&D‑like game on the PC for a while now, and am quite happy to see it on the iPad. Card Hunter Loot & Legends has a very old-school feel to it, includ­ing some ‘unusu­al’ com­ment­ary from the Dun­geon Master. It’s a free app, with in-app pur­chases for addi­tion­al char­ac­ters, etc. Worth…

  • Testing a new plugin suite — Shortcake Bakery

    Short­cake Bakery uses the Short­cake plu­gin and extends use of Word­Press short­codes. Makes embed­ding con­tent in my blog pretty easy.   [face­book url=“”] The above video link from Face­book via the Short­cake Bakery. Last week, Daniel Bach­huber and the engin­eer­ing team at Fusion releasedShort­cake Bakery, a plu­gin that extends the Short­cake pro­ject to sup­ply a…

  • Kerbal Space Program leaving Beta. Version 1.0 arrives tomorrow

    New ver­sion of Kerbal Space Pro­gram arrives tomor­row, the first full non-beta release. Yes, all sorts of new stuff and fea­tures — here’s some promo videos:

  • Any landing you can walk away from…

    Many of you will know that in my (admit­tedly rare) massively mul­ti­play­er com­puter gam­ing time, I’ve moved away from World of Tanks to WarThunder.  Sim­il­ar concept except instead of driv­ing tanks, you’re driv­ing planes. Cool thing is they’ve got three levels of soph­ist­ic­a­tion (Arcade, Real­ist­ic, Sim­u­lat­or). Also cool, that Arcade is actu­ally quite tough. WarThun­der an…

  • It’s about rescuing the ones you can.

    Many of you know we sup­port and foster for CaliC­an Res­cue. This short video helps explain why.  

  • Oh My Yes. This is Star Wars.

    Not much more I can say. Watch the video. Enjoy.

  • Because KSP

    Gra­vi­oli is a new Kerbal Space Pro­gram video by Nas­aault that’s also a trib­ute to the recent space block­buster Grav­ity. KSP is turn­ing into one amaz­ing pro­gram — and it’s not even out of Beta yet! Shut­ting up now. Enjoy the movie!

  • Setting up the Gadget

    In my pre­vi­ous post I talked about the Gad­get synth suite by Korg. Well, I kinda flailed around until I got some­thing I liked. Per­haps I should have watched this You­Tube video on it before flail­ing and I may have made bet­ter progress. Learn from my mistake 😀

  • It’s Home. Apple’s Holiday Video Ad.

    Look closely, you’ll see Edmon­ton bus stop signs, Ada bvld. homes, and maybe even a river val­ley tobog­gan hill. More details on the mak­ing of the ad here. And more video used in the mak­ing of spot.

  • Godspeed Commander Hadfield

    Cana­dian astro­naut, space enthu­si­ast, edu­cat­or, social media sen­sa­tion, and now enter­tain­er? Yep, those are just a sampling of the roles that Com­mand­er Chris Hadifeld ful­filled dur­ing his 146 day post­ing to the ISS as Sta­tion Commander. His Soy­uz cap­sule returns to Earth tomor­row even­ing, but as a last sur­prise, the Com­mand­er released this video rework­ing of…