More ways to get rid of your old tech.


A while ago I wrote about disposing of tech you no longer need or use. And today I found a very cool tool that will help you sell off your used gear for a fair price. Bonus points, it’s got a funky name; Worth Monkey.

Worth Monkey works by:

searching data all over internet regarding the current asking price and
selling price of the used goods you’re looking for. It then brings back
all of that data and performs calculations on each piece and on the
data as a whole, giving you the average low, middle, and high price of
the product. As an added treat, it also shows you where you can purchase
that product for the highest average price or lower, leveraging your
purchasing options and saving you time and money. “

I’ve never really been a fan of using online auction sites to sell off my stuff, as I’ve never really be able to gauge the value of the item, and have always put in a lot of effort listing my tech — and felt I’ve not recouped that value.

Using Worth Monkey, I think I’ve got a better handle on the value of my stuff, which will help me decide if it’s worth my time to try and sell it, or just send it off for recycling.

For example, I have an old Palm T|X gathering dust in my closet. Worth Monkey generated the above chart, and even some embed code which creates a widget that lets me ‘validate’ that the price I’m asking is fair in the current market.

Yep, I can see this little tool helping me come spring cleaning time 🙂 Worth Monkey is currently in beta, but you can use the app and sign up for free. Here’s the ‘official company line’ video with more information.

What is WorthMonkey? from Worth Monkey, Inc. on Vimeo.

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