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  • Cool Thing: A browser based Theremin

    Well, it’s not really a Theremin but more of a sound toy. Yes, it’s a great dis­trac­tion and some­thing to piqué the curi­os­ity of your cube­mates. HTML5 based, it’s a very cool imple­ment­a­tion. The author states he’s work­ing on an update that will allow you to play along with your own music.. cool! Check it…

  • Viewing the Solar Eclipse from Edmonton this evening?

    There’s a great ‘sim­u­lated’ pre­view of what you can expect to see over at TimeAndDate.com. And do check out the awe­some resources that Dr. Phil Plait (@badastronomer) has cur­ated here: Eclipse fol­lowup part 2: tons o’ links on how to safely watch

  • Music in the Air, music everywhere

    A friend recently turned me on to one cool applic­a­tion that let’s me listen to syn­chron­ized music from all my net­worked devices at the same time. This is likely one of the coolest soft­ware enhance­ments I’ve made to my home listen­ing exper­i­ence in a long time.

  • What is it about a Moleskine?

    It’s a note­book, plain and simple. A very well-made note­book, to be sure. It is, per­haps, a premi­um note­book (which would jus­ti­fy the price). I know, I have one. And it’s quite nice. Yet, Mole­skine is also a brand that brings a lot of emo­tion and sen­ti­ment to the humble note­book. Note­books are about remem­ber­ing things,…

  • Only 50? Seems longer…

    Only 50 years ago today, a sig­ni­fic­ant mile­stone in the space race was achieved, launch­ing a man, the Soviet Uni­on’s Yuri Gagar­in, bey­ond the atmo­sphere and into a single orbit of the Earth. Lots of cool space and Gagar­in related info found via Google today; they also provided the cool anim­a­tion on their doodle — just float…

  • More ways to get rid of your old tech.

    A while ago I wrote about dis­pos­ing of tech you no longer need or use. And today I found a very cool tool that will help you sell off your used gear for a fair price. Bonus points, it’s got a funky name; Worth Mon­key.

  • Personal Indulgance: Airplanes and Photography

    Earli­er this week I found a rather cool web­site that com­bines two of my interests; pho­to­graphy and aviation. YouLikeAirplanesToo.com is a simple little Tumblr blog that pro­files inter­est­ing avi­ation photography. It’s clean, almost sparse, giv­ing all the atten­tion to the images. Which I appre­ci­ate. Maybe you will too!

  • Huge Lego Mindstorms Robotic Chess Board [video]

    Gotta love the ingenu­ity that goes into stuff like this. It’s a huge Chess set, with the pieces made from Lego Mind­storm robots. 

  • The well-equipped traveller is the ‘Envy’ of others

    Trav­el­ing with a laptop is always a bit of a chal­lenge, espe­cially if your flight exceeds 3 hours or so. That’s why I was rather inter­ested when I was offered the chance to check out the 15 inch HP Envy — espe­cially when I was allowed to take it on my recent vaca­tion to Hawaii. …more This…

  • Yoga mat or Laptop of the future?

    A friend showed me this video today and the first thought that popped to mind was Yoga Mat. Then I watched it and was suit­ably impressed. WANT!

  • NORAD tracks Santa with Google Earth

    If you’re online this even­ing, and hap­pen to want to keep the kids amused, then you may want to look at the latest space age tech used to track Santa tonight. No, it’s not Twit­ter. …more This post is an excerpt from one of my weekly posts on the Future Shop Techb­log. Check out the…

  • The coolest indie video I’ve seen all year

    Think Dis­trict 9, or Inde­pend­ence Day. But done for $300 by someone with a crap-load of tal­ent. In Uruguay. With Giant Robots! And now he’s got a movie deal: The pic­ture will be a sci-fi thrill­er set in Argen­tina and Uruguay. In case you’re hop­ing to see the fea­ture-length ver­sion of “Pan­ic Attack!” in a…