How to automatically post your Facebook status to Twitter

Well it looks like Facebook and Twitter are now playing nice. If you’re logged into Facebook, this page will walk you through the process of hooking things up so that your Facebook updates will go out to your Twitter feed. Select what you want, and protect the rest. I’m going to leave this post as it is, but the link above is really the one you should use to make this happen.

I’m in the midst of figuring out a better way to automatically build a list of ‘tweets’ and have them scheduled throughout the day. My current system is a bit broken.

A friend pinged me on Facebook saying that he was looking for something else, an app that would post your Facebook status to Twitter. I thought checking this out would be easy, but given the changes Facebook has been through over the last while the resulting solution is a mashup, not an app.

Yes, it’s possible, not pretty, but possible. Here’s how to do it. Some of this information was gleaned from TechLifeWeb and (thanks!).

  1. In FB, go to your Inbox > Notifications page
  2. At the bottom of the right column, there’s the link for the Notifications feed… right click on it and copy the link (or hit properties and copy the URL that shows up in the new window)
  3. To test that it works, paste that URL into your browser and hit enter. (You’ll see your notifications feed show up)
  4. In that URL, change ONLY the portion that stays “notifications.php” to “status.php” and hit enter.
  5. The resulting page ‘should’ be your Facebook Status RSS Feed. Here’s mine for an example.
  6. Copy your entire URL to a text document and save it. You’ll need it later.
  7. Get a account. Twitterfeed lets you harvest your RSS feed at a set frequency and publish your feed to a Twitter account.
  8. Create a new Twitterfeed using the long Facebook URL you saved earlier, set your publish frequency, and you’re done.

Currently Twitterfeed is having some consistency issues — some, but not all of my feeds are being published correctly. They are aware of the issues and are working to fix them.