How to make your WordPress blog mobile friendly

Earli­er this week (the free blog host­ing site) announced that they’re includ­ing two new mobile friendly tem­plates in their offer­ing. This is abso­lutely awe­some. I say this from the per­spect­ive of a iPod Touch own­er who often surfs blogs on the device. The more mobile friendly web­sites get, the more people will be able […]

Small steps, small cups

Since this is Blog Action Day, I thought I’d take a look at how I per­ceive my morn­ing routine is impact­ing cli­mate change — no real hard sci­ence here, but just my ped­es­tri­an per­spect­ive on  my poten­tial impact on the planet.My think­ing may be wrong-headed in places (please let me know) but this post is […]

The top three URL shorteners for ReTweets

If you use Twit­ter at all you know that tweets really are the essence of tight-writ­ing, since you’ve only got 140 char­ac­ters to work with. If you’re plan­ning to include a link to oth­er web con­tent or leave space so that oth­ers can retweet your tweet, your char­ac­ter count drops fur­ther. Sav­in’ the tweet, one […]

Launching a photoblog

I’ve been want­ing to do this for a while, but had­n’t really had a val­id reas­on to ‘get me going’ on it. Until now, and the recent vaca­tion my wife and I took to Que­bec. is the URL of the pho­tob­log that’ll con­tain images, gal­ler­ies and posts. Sounds like any reg­u­lar blog right? Well, […]

Citizen Journalism cuts out the middleman

Over at the Future Shop Techb­log I pos­ted this item about the dif­fer­ence between journ­al­ism 40years ago (when we were land­ing on the moon) and today. The upshot is that the Tech is cut­ting out the middle­man, and mak­ing journ­al­ism more access­ible to every­one. But is it qual­ity journ­al­ism? Does hav­ing a J‑school sheep­skin really […]

Me? A Professional Blogger? Yep, somewhat.

Today I became a pro­fes­sion­al blog­ger for Future Shop, the Cana­dian tech­no­logy retail­er. Pro­fes­sion­al as in ‘com­pensated’ for my writ­ing. No, I’ll not be leav­ing my most excel­lent day job, I’d need a bunch more of these to make blog­ging my sole source of income 🙂 and I’m not that pro­lif­ic 🙂 You’ll find me […]

Simple update adds iPhone style to your blog

Yes­ter­day I installed the WPTouch plu­gin on this blog. Basic­ally it’s a Word­Press theme that reformats your blog so it’s much more read­able on mobile devices (Android, iPhone, iPod Touch). Full list of fea­tures here. More than just a plu­gin, WPtouch is an entire theme pack­age for your Word­Press web­site. Modeled after Apple’s app store […]