Coolest indie game in development — update and video!

 My recent fling with the Kerbal Space Pro­gram is get­ting more ser­i­ous; they’ve released the much-anti­cip­ated 0.7 update that includes lots of cool stuff, includ­ing:

  • Sev­er­al new Plan­ets and Moons, for a total of 14 Celes­ti­al Bod­ies.
  • Mul­tiple game saves sup­port.
  • Tutori­als and Scen­ari­os.
  • Sev­er­al new Parts, includ­ing a NERVA Engine.
  • Intern­al Cock­pit Views on sev­er­al cock­pits.
  • Cen­ter of mass, thrust, lift and drag visu­al cues on the con­struc­tion scenes.
  • Phys­ics Warp: An altern­ate time-warp mode where you can accel­er­ate time to 2x, 3x and 4x without put­ting the sim on rails.
  • Much improved visu­als in space.

Full details here.

And a new video, just because!


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