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Tag: Kerbal Space Program

  • Kerbal Space Program leaving Beta. Version 1.0 arrives tomorrow

    New ver­sion of Kerbal Space Pro­gram arrives tomor­row, the first full non-beta release. Yes, all sorts of new stuff and fea­tures — here’s some promo videos:

  • Better than Flappy Bird. Because Orbits!

    Yeah, Flappy Bird got old quick, but this little gem has me trapped in its grav­ity well (see what I did there?). Flappy Space Pro­gram, just like Flappy Bird, is simple. Click to launch your bird. Now, keep tap­ping to over­come grav­ity and launch your bird into orbit. Simple no? Ok, now add anoth­er bird. Then…

  • To the Mun and back.

    If you’re into the Kerbal Space Pro­gram (as you’ll no-doubt have noticed I am) you’ll appre­ci­ate this video of a trip to Mun and back, set to appro­pri­ate music. The video also shows off some of the really great graph­ics and images pos­sible with this sand­box style game. Fun!

  • Coolest indie game in development — update and video!

     My recent fling with the Kerbal Space Pro­gram is get­ting more ser­i­ous; they’ve released the much-anti­cip­ated 0.7 update that includes lots of cool stuff, including: Sev­er­al new Plan­ets and Moons, for a total of 14 Celes­ti­al Bodies. Mul­tiple game saves support. Tutori­als and Scenarios. Sev­er­al new Parts, includ­ing a NERVA Engine. Intern­al Cock­pit Views on…