Captain on the bridge

About a year or so ago I downloaded a nifty little PC game called Artemis – Starship Simulator.

Actually, that name’s a bit misleading — it’s more of a Star Trek bridge crew simulator. There are other reviews that cover it better, but suffice it to say it’s a cool game to bring to a LAN party or a friends place where you have easy access to the network and a fist-full of laptops. Great if you have access to all that gear, but not that great for a quick and spontaneous game with friends.

Today I discovered the iOS version, and my above comment is nullified.

The iOS version of Artemis works and plays with the PC version, yet does it all on an iPad — even my original iPad 1 running iOS 5.

Each bridge position is controlled from one iPad, though with a quick settings change you can control multiple positions with on a single iPad.

The really cool thing is that an iPad can even act as the game server.

Now, Artemis is not a game for everyone. It’s really a collaborative starship combat simulator, but if you’ve got a few friends and a few iPads, it’s now much easier to host a pickup game on gamenight.

Shields up! Red Alert! Arm photon torpedoes, we’re going in!

Coolest indie game in development – update and video!

 My recent fling with the Kerbal Space Program is getting more serious; they’ve released the much-anticipated 0.7 update that includes lots of cool stuff, including:

  • Several new Planets and Moons, for a total of 14 Celestial Bodies.
  • Multiple game saves support.
  • Tutorials and Scenarios.
  • Several new Parts, including a NERVA Engine.
  • Internal Cockpit Views on several cockpits.
  • Center of mass, thrust, lift and drag visual cues on the construction scenes.
  • Physics Warp: An alternate time-warp mode where you can accelerate time to 2x, 3x and 4x without putting the sim on rails.
  • Much improved visuals in space.

Full details here.

And a new video, just because!


Not an April Fools Joke: Trainz for iPad


Ever since the Apple II days, I’ve been a flight simulator geek. I’ve always been interested in aviation, but due to my less-than-perfect eyesight, a career as a pilot wasn’t in the cards. But that didn’t dim my interest in aviation. And given my interest in computers & technology, it seemed natural that I’d gravitate toward flight sims.

Which is why I can recognize the passion of folks who are interested in Train Simulators. True, I don’t ‘get’ that interest or passion, but I can recognize and appreciate it when I see it.

And that’s why I’m taking the plunge later today and picking up Trainz, an iPad Train Simulator (when I’m on Wi-Fi and not 3G, it’s a 136MB download!). It also helps that it was on sale for $.99 (down from the usual $4.99) :smileyhappy: Maybe I’ll learn something about someone else’s passion!

The company line

Based on the successful PC franchise, TRAINZ Simulator arrives on iPad and is coming very soon to Android!

Build and operate the railroad of your dreams.

Trainz Simulator for iPad includes everything you need to build and operate your own dream railroad. You can build a fun layout in minutes, faithfully recreate a steam railroad from days gone by or develop a fully fledged prototypical route; the choice is yours.

The Video
As you’ll see, it’s not only a train simulator, it’s actually a train layout simulator. About 1/2 way through the video you’ll see you’ve got the ability to create your world, building the terrain, lakes, etc. Very cool little app. And on sale this weekend for less than the cost of that coffee you’re drinking right now :smileyhappy:

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