The view out my window

Daily I work in a cube, except for today. As you can see, I’m in my ‘away’ office, yet still con­nec­ted.

My 'away' office.

And yes, I am work­ing. Through the won­ders of tech­no­logy, I’m crank­ing out the copy, send­ing the email, edit­ing the text and pho­tos.

This is Life­style Tech­no­logy at work. Wifi enables me to be mobile / port­able. And once you’re online, Skype is an awe­some tool that enables you to call any­one, almost any­where, and not have to pay cel roam­ing or hotel phone fees.

But as I said, I do have a few blog posts to churn out, as well as gath­er some back­ground inform­a­tion on upcom­ing technology…which the reas­on for me being at my ‘away’ office.

No wor­ries though, I’ll be back home later this week. But for now, I think I’m going to enjoy the view 🙂

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