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  • Poirot discusses the movie Knives Out with his friends.

    A dinner party and a movie review. The famous Belgian detective and friends discuss Knives Out.

  • A pilot’s prerogative.

    End of the Cre­at­ive Strategies course yes­ter­day and fly­ing out today. Upon takeoff the pilot of my Sky­w­est United flight throttled back and lev­elled off at about 5000 ft. Then we flew up the bay, slowly, and bank­ing to view all the landmarks. This could have been a mere coin­cid­ence between oth­er craft in the air and…

  • Cool! Mr. D gets the Google Doodle treatment!

    A Cana­dian TV icon today was hon­oured with a Google Doodle (on the .ca Google page any­way) on what would have been his 85th birth­day; Ernie Coombs was bet­ter known as Mr. Dressup.

  • Best new iPad video yet [Video]

    I recog­nized a few apps there 🙂 Quite a lot of work, well done.

  • I think I’ve bought my last desktop computer

    A couple of years ago, I was all into and enjoyed build­ing desktop com­puters, pick­ing out the right video card, select­ing the best mother­board and gen­er­ally dig­ging deep into the innards of my future com­put­ing plat­form. And design­ing the per­fect ‘office’ com­put­ing envir­on­ment with short cable runs, ample power for my accessor­ies and lots of…

  • Did Apple just kill a small part of the music industry?

      Ever since the iPhone and iPod Touch caught the atten­tion of developers of developers with an interest in music, there have been music apps in the iTunes App store. With yes­ter­day’s announce­ment of Gar­age Band for iPad these smal­ler niche developers could be chal­lenged by the vast devel­op­ment resources Apple can bring to bear. Gar­age Band iPad…

  • Offline Life.

    The title of this post refers to some­thing that is kinda ali­en to me. Yet, it shouldn’t be. For the last 20 years or so, my life has been online, in one form or anoth­er. Yes, I’m a digit­al nomad, liv­ing in a digit­al world, con­fused by those who insist on stay­ing offline. As more people…

  • If it’s everywhere, is it special?

    Once upon a time, not too long ago, in the lat­ter part of the last cen­tury — say the 60’s and 70’s, con­sum­ing media was clumsy and cum­ber­some. It seemed that you had to make a spe­cial appoint­ment with your hard­ware to listen to the latest band or show some friends your latest pho­tos. You…

  • Must get me one of these [video]

    …not sure where I’d put it though.

  • Friday Video — ummm…

    As Boing­Bo­ing says, the Inter­net is weird.  Moongina.

  • The view out my window

    Daily I work in a cube, except for today. As you can see, I’m in my ‘away’ office, yet still connected. And yes, I am work­ing. Through the won­ders of tech­no­logy, I’m crank­ing out the copy, send­ing the email, edit­ing the text and photos. This is Life­style Tech­no­logy at work. Wifi enables me to be…

  • More Muppet Music Madness

    A few weeks ago I linked to the awe­some Bohemi­an Rhaps­ody You­Tube video (check it out if you missed it), and now, here’s two more HD music vids with one of my favour­ite  Mupp —  Beak­er. Enjoy. Ode To Joy (HD) Beak­er­’s Bal­lad (HD)