Social media and the power of influence

If you’ve been following me or this blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m a huge social media fan — it just seems like the right medium that makes online communication easier. But one subtle aspect of social media is that it’s a very slick conduit for word of mouth marketing, promotion, and advertising — which is why spammers jumped in with both feet quite early on; they realized the power of this medium.

Recently I’ve helped some friends out with a tech. project that really has a bit of potential. It has nothing to do with spam, and a lot to do with influence. You’ve seen me tweet about it and know it as Empire Avenue. Yes, there’s a link, click it and see what we’re doing. Then come back here when you’re done — I’ll wait.

Ah, back now? Excellent. Until we launch I’m not able to talk about too many details, so please forgive the higher-than-normal vagueness factor, but I will sally onward with this post.

On the site you’ve seen referenced things like ‘The People’s Market’. And Pants. Perhaps influence too…

But the really cool part of that page is when you click the blog link at the top and subsequently read the latest on our ‘project’.

And the really cool part (oh, wait, I said that already). The OTHER really cool part is that we’re launching a beta. Yes, I know every Internet startup since Google has a beta; but folk seem to like them and they do give us valuable feedback, so yeah, we’ve got one too.

So, yep, we’re having a beta and looking for a few good folk interested in social media and the power of influence. And since you’re actually doing a bit of work for us, helping us test out this monster and all, we’re giving a little back:

Enter your email for early access to the beta and an exclusive Achievement that will never be available to anyone in the world or the universe ever again.

What’s an achievement? That’s a question for later, but the question for now is; do you want in? If so, drop us a line at We’ve got limited spots initially, but we’ll add your name to the list and roll them out as we can.

And yes, we do expect people will write about the beta, that’s fine. And we encourage it, so if you have a blog, let us know — we’ll try and get you in earlier 😉


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