Brad’s first blog contest — backup horror stories

And we’re done. I’ve received some excel­lent entries in the Backup Hor­ror Story con­test. Give ’em a read below, and feel free to add your com­ments too. And of course, feel free to share your hor­ror story too, but sadly, this con­test is closed.

Wel­come to the first (of hope­fully) many con­test I’d like to run on my blog. I’ve been doing this tech-writ­ing thing for a while now, but I’ve always been look­ing for ways to more closely engage with you. I think I may have found it with this style of con­test — I get you to write for me. It’s ok, I have prizes 🙂

I’ll get to the details in a moment, but first let me frame the scen­ario: Backup Hor­ror Stor­ies.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all, at one time or anoth­er, lost some import­ant piece data; your digit­al photo col­lec­tion or music col­lec­tion. Per­haps you’re a writer and all your ‘in pro­gress’ manu­scripts are now toast. You’ve lost data. No extern­al copy or backup avail­able. Poof! Done!!

That’s the scen­ario, now the details:

The Prizes and Spon­sor
Click­free — a cool Cana­dian com­pany that spe­cial­izes in no-brain­er backup solu­tions is spon­sor­ing this con­test and has giv­en me a few Click­free Trans­former SEs for this con­test. Since Click­free is all about simple backups, the theme of the con­test kinda sug­ges­ted itself 🙂

In the past, I’d reviewed Click­free’s C2 Port­able Backup drive — a sol­id unit. The Trans­formerSE we’re giv­ing away in this con­test uses sim­il­ar tech­no­logy, only you provide the USB drive. Here’s the offi­cial com­pany line on the Trans­fomerSE:

The Click­free Trans­former SE (Spe­cial Edi­tion) turns any USB hard drive, iPod, or iPhone into a simple auto­mat­ic backup solu­tion for your com­puter. Just con­nect the Trans­former SE to your com­puter, then con­nect the USB hard drive, or iPod/iPhone via USB into the Trans­former SE. Backup will start auto­mat­ic­ally onto the avail­able free space of the con­nec­ted product, wheth­er it is a 3rd party hard drive, or an iPod/iPhone.

I will be doing a full review of the Click­free Trans­formerSE very soon, but don’t let that stop you from enter­ing the con­test.

To enter:
Take your worst / best backup hor­ror story and write-up a com­ment to this page that describes a data loss hor­ror story that was aver­ted or would have been pre­ven­ted if you had a trusty recent backup. That simple.

Import­ant: If you’ve not com­men­ted here before, your com­ment may be held in mod­er­a­tion until I can author­ize it. No wor­ries, I do this daily.

The Rules:
I’m keep­ing this fun, so the rules are simple.

1) It’s a blog com­ment con­test — tell me your story in a com­ment to this page using the form below. Any­one can enter. Only com­ments entered into the com­ment form below on this page will be eli­gible.
2) After that you post a com­ment, let me know through a private email noti­fic­a­tion to me (via this in-blog con­tact form). It’ll let me know you’ve entered and be sure to provide a val­id email address for fol­low-up should your entry be selec­ted. No, I won’t sell or spam you..the email address is to be used ONLY for this con­test. After the con­test, all email entries will be deleted.
3) Top 3 com­ments will be selec­ted for a prizes. I’m not sure what cri­ter­ia I’ll use to judge yet. Maybe the fun­ni­est, most dra­mat­ic, most poten­tial for loss-of-life, I don’t know. Maybe the most sup­port from oth­er com­ment­ors (get your friends to help out!). But there will be three, and I’ll write about them in a fol­low-up post.
4) Ran­dom draw for a few more prizes. It’ll be ran­dom.
5) Win­ners noti­fied with­in a week, deliv­ery with­in a month via Canada Post.
6) The con­test starts now (March 1, 2010) and runs until Mid­night, March 31, 2010. Timestamp of the blog and cor­res­pond­ing email to me will determ­ine entry date and time.

Bonus Prize: Every­one Wins
Ok, now this is also very cool. For the month of March, the fine folk at Click­free have also author­ized a dis­count code for orders on their site. Place any order, use this code ( Grier10 ) and they knock 15% off the price of your order.

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