Major Tom cover version — official free download available

You’ve likely heard it in the Lincoln MKZ commercials, but last night I finally paid attention to the ad and listened… and heard this awesome version inbetwixt shows. So obviously I had to find it somewhere.

After scouring Google videos and all, I’d finally resigned myself to having to listen to it through this track.

Then, good friend and uber-tracker-outdoor-dude Ranger Bob found the official download of Shiny Toy Guns cover version of Peter Shilling’s Major Tom (Coming Home).

Update: Embedding the flash player version here for instant listening gratification.

Give it a listen, then check out the original in the Peter Shilling YouTube videos. Who wins? I like the new one 🙂

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12 Replies to “Major Tom cover version — official free download available”

  1. This doesn’t sound right to my ear.
    I think the song in the commercial is Cat Power covering Space Oddity, which I can’t find as a full version online.

  2. It’s the right version. I think they likely compressed the audio, or did further bling enhancements to the t.v. commercial one though.

    On my 46th play of it now… and will likely listen to it in the Jeep all the way out to Marsden, SK today.

    After 100 plays.. it will just go into my official MP3 folder called ‘Jeep Mix’ for the summer when the top comes off. =)

    1. @Ranger Bob: Thanks for the in depth analysis of the audio on that. I heard the TV version again and yeah, maybe compression or some other swooshy audio effect, as you say.

      Um, you only started listening to it yesterday, and you’ve already clocked up 46 plays? If that were a 45 the grooves would be pokin’ through the other side by now 🙂

    1. @Jeff: My pleasure. PVR’s are very cool…as long as you have the time to watch all the stuff they record! That’s my biggest problem. As for keeping up, I think you’re doing fine esp. since you already KNEW that Cat Power did a Major Tom Lincoln commercial. 🙂

  3. Shiny! I like the commercials, and I like the “Major Tom” cover, though I think I’m still partial to Peter Schilling’s inflections. However, if the question, “What one-hit wonder was recently covered by Shiny Toy Guns for a Lincoln commercial?” comes up at trivia night, I’ll now have the answer, thanks to you. 🙂

  4. Hi Katharine,

    I too am partial to Peter Schilling’s version. Actually I like them both. This new Shiny Toy Guns version for the ‘pop’ feel; Schilling’s for the more ‘dramatic’ presentation.

    I must check out more of STG from the library…see what they’re about.

  5. The Peter Schilling version will always have a special place with me. But I must say I LOVE this version. I’ve been looking for this song ever since I heard it… I’ve literally looked EVERYWHERE. I even went as far as I scan through Youtube without finding it. Then I just came across this, finally got it and had to post. I can’t thank you enough for posting this! Thank you!! =)

  6. Hi Sister Ulicia, I’m happy to help. I thought it was a cool version too and since I had problems finding it (until Ranger Bob helped out) I thought I’d try and make it more accessible.

  7. —– Original Message —–
    From: Lance Taylor
    To: America Rob
    Sent: Friday, April 24, 2009 7:21 PM
    Subject: Re: Major Tom

    Yer right, Cat Power won’t release it. So, Shiny New Toys is it.

    —– Original Message —–
    From: America Rob
    To: Lance Taylor
    Sent: Wednesday, April 22, 2009 6:26 PM
    Subject: Major Tom

    I dare you to find a better version.

    Cat power, Major Tom.

    Too bad she didn’t release it.


    Watch quick before it disappears.

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