Logitech G15 Keyboard upgrade (v1 – v2)

Logitech G15 Keyboard (version 1) After a lengthy email exchange with Logitech customer support (started October 22, 2007), I’ve just received my replacement Logitech G15 keyboard (affiliate link).

The key problem (pardon the pun) was that the black paint on a few of the keys was wearing off, allowing the backlighting to shine through obscuring any key lettering. This keyboard was around a year old..maybe less.

Now, since I’d started the process, Logitech updated and revised the G15 with:

  • Logitech G15 Keyboard (version 2)Reportedly improved keyboard paint
  • Orange backlit keyboard (the first one was blue)
  • Reduced the number of programmable Gkeys from 18 to 6(!)
  • Reduced the size of the LCD display by appx. 40% though keeping the number of pixels HxW
  • Removed the ability of the LDC display to swivel
  • Removed the volume control wheel

Frankly, I was hoping for them to send me another v1 G15. I was comfortable with the desktop footprint it had (huge), I liked the availability of all those programmable keys, and I liked the size of the LCD display.

But now I’ve got a v2, and here are my initial impressions:

  • Key depress feel is soft…maybe mushy?
  • Keyboard sits differently on my desktop…I have to hunt initially to place my fingers on the home row properly
  • Keyboard footprint is smaller. I like this. I now have more desktop space for my mouse and Wacom Bamboo tablet.
  • LCD Display is very slightly out of alignment in it’s housing. Not too noticeable, but when I do it’s a minor annoyance.
  • The keyboard drivers and software were easy to install and setup
  • Logitech maintained compatibility with LCDStudio, so my custom displays run properly
  • Not sure I like the smaller LCD display…we’ll see how it goes.
  • I *think* I’ll like the orange backlight. It seems to glare less.
  • The volume buttons work ‘ok’, but the wheel seemed nicer — like the wheel on an iPod. Upside is I can still use the wheel/spot on the Wacom Bamboo 🙂
  • Marketing: the Box and some online literature do NOT mention that the keyboard has 2 USB ports. I was worried because the v1 G15 does have these, and I didn’t want to lose the ability to plug in thumb drives..etc.
  • Am I missing the extra 12 macro keys? I’m not sure yet. The keyboard layout is different, but since I also have a Nostromo n52 keyboard, I’m sure I can map any missing functionality over to it.

Conclusion: For now I’d say I’m satisfied. The process took a while, I’m not convinced the paint on this keyboard will last better than the last. The reduced LCD display size could be an issue…but I’ll reserve judgement on it for now…and I think I like the orange backlight.