Networking – what’s it all about…

Here I am, looking through my portfolio of work, and I notice that I don’t have anything that represents any radio work. So I think to myself, “Self, what can we do about this.” Self says, “Well, since you’re learning quite a bit about networking as you develop this new career, why not do an item on Networking?”. Self is a pretty smart guy, sometimes. So, here it is, in MP3 format, my (just under) 3-minute item on Networking. Comments?? You know where to post ’em.The full text is in the extended entry…below

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I am Ahab

I am Ahab

“ This is My Whale

I stand amidships, the deck lurching with every motion of the craft “ the beast surges onward, oblivious to the condition of my fellow travellers inside.

My Whale moves, from place to place, following it’s own path, heedless of the desires of it’s passengers “ krill.

Upon occasion, My Whale stops, lets loose a mighty sigh, and discharges one, or a few, of my fellow travellers “ as if they’ve provided their nutrient value and are nothing more than mere Excrement.

My Whale continues onward.

March “ 2003 “ ETS Route 6 “ Edmonton