Aiiee! The Steam Summer Sale is in full swing. Too much temptation.

Over the last few years I’ve become more of a fan of Steam and a couple of oth­er online deliv­ery ser­vices for my PC gam­ing needs. I can­’t actu­ally remem­ber the last PC game I bought in a brick-and-mort­er store for my desktop.

And now, the Steam Sum­mer Sale is reach­ing its mid-point and so far, I think I’ve been a very good boy; not bought any­thing. Yet.

Yes, I have a few items on my Wish­list but I may not pick them up just yet — being a PC and MAC gamer, I tend to prefer games that swing both ways, and also use Steam Cloud for stor­age / sync.

Though if any one of those games on that list drop below $5.00 — I’ll be get­ting them, and look­ing at expand­ing my loc­al hard drive stor­age.

Ahh, yes, the pleas­ure and prob­lems of a lovely sum­mer sea­son and digit­al gam­ing. Tempta­tion, mon­it­or­ing the deals page, and the con­stant hunt for more drive stor­age space. Man, I’m liv­in’ the life :/

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