A spacy new way to browse music on your iPad


Listen­ing to music on your iPad is usu­ally a visu­ally-sparse affair. Load up your play­er, nav­ig­ate to your lib­rary, and select the muisc. Play, and do oth­er things. Not any more…

Outta this world!
Plan­et­ary is the new (and free!) app from Bloom Stu­di­os that gives new mean­ing to nav­ig­at­ing through your music col­lec­tion. To quote the developers:

Fly through a 3D uni­verse dynam­ic­ally cre­ated by inform­a­tion about the record­ing artists you love. Vis­it plan­ets that rep­res­ent your favor­ite albums and con­trol the play­back of your music on iPad by brows­ing and select­ing astro­nom­ic­al objects.

Plan­et­ary is just the sort of sci­ence fic­tion exper­i­ence you expect when using an object from the future like iPad. You’ll want to show your friends this beau­ti­ful app. We’ve made it even easi­er to share Plan­et­ary at home; it looks incred­ible when you hook your iPad 2 up to a big HDTV or pro­ject­or using the HDMI access­ory.

Now Plan­et­ary won’t (yet) replace the iPad’s nat­ive play­er as it doesn’t sup­port playl­ists, or search. But when you think about it, it really doesn’t need to — as the app is more a visu­al eye-candy lay­er being applied to the act of brows­ing through your music col­lec­tion.

Very pretty; you’ll use it to show off your iPad, and it’s free — why wouldn’t you get it :smileyhappy:

A great over­view in the video below.

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