Things you find when cleaning out your Google contacts

If you’ve got a Gmail account, you’ve got Google Contacts. These are entries of all the folks you’ve ever emailed with Gmail, or interacted with in any other Google property.

We’re working on a Christmas project and wanted to get a good list of friends, so I pulled my contacts from my Gmail account.

Over 800.

Including Lady Gaga and ‘the Woz’ Steve Wozniak. (yes, I was surprised)! I assume Steve’s name is upside because he enjoys practical jokes 😉


Look who’s in my little black book!


After a bit of research, it seemed that I’d followed them on Google+ and their G+ profile was added to my contacts. Interesting…

Back to my digging… I wonder who else I’ll find? And who’s in *your* contacts? Just log into email, select contacts and export. And have fun!

iOS 7 Launch – A busy day today

iOS 7 will be released later today, and I’m looking forward to it!

Update: But first, a public service announcement. Don’t forget to BACKUP YOUR DATA (thanks for the reminder Ryan!) Here’s a great how-to from Apple’s support site.

From what I’ve seen, this update of the venerable iOS operating system will be the best yet, not in terms of huge technological leaps and flashy features, rather in terms of subtle usability improvements that really make sense, such as the new way your pictures are grouped, and AirDrop (ok, that’s a new feature for iOS, but it has existed awesomely in OS X).

One thing I’m not so certain of yet, is the number of clicks it seems to take to do certain things, such as back out of a folder in multitask view. I was kind of hoping there’d be a swipe command to get you back to the top level of the desktop, not a button press. My thinking is that buttons can wear out, but the multi-touch swipe tech will last longer.

As well, this week you’ll have noticed a flurry of application updates as developers get their software ready for today’s launch of iOS 7. Being interested in electronic music and photography, here’s a couple of useful articles on upgrading and app compatibility:

Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see real-world experiences as iOS 7 goes live later today. If you’re upgrading and feel like sharing, let me know what you think!

I’m quite enjoying Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol!

Yep, I’m having fun with Ace Patrol, as you may have seen in my previous post, it’s a light single/multiplayer, World War I strategic combat game. Airfights consist of up to 8 combatants, four per side, and vary depending on aircraft, pilot skill, and game difficulty level.

Ace Patrol is currently only available for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone in the Canada iTunes store, during this pre-launch period, but it will be available worldwide on May 9th.

I’m having a blast, check out the ingame images below: