Well, a few posts ago I men­tioned that I’d taken steps to speed up this blog.

Here’s a Ping­dom response time graph show­ing how fast slow this blog was, before I pulled a few plugins.

And here’s what it looks like today.

So, accord­ing to these res­ults, the blog is faster.

And what I’d done was­n’t all that extreme either; just removed a few plu­gins that were request­ing data from extern­al sources — such as the 3rd party font I used to use to lay­out this blog.

Now, the increased speed has­n’t changed my page pos­i­tion in the search engines, nor caused hair to start filling in my bald spot.

But it is nice to know that by mak­ing this minor change, I’m improv­ing the user exper­i­ence for any­one vis­it­ing my blog, and maybe help­ing to save the Inter­net by cut­ting down on the band­width usage, just a bit.

Your thoughts? Did you notice the snappy speed at which this blog loads?

By Brad Grier

web.tech.photog.comm. geek.hack

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