Apple Tablet prediction as a game

So, tomorrow’s the big day that Apple lifts the veil on pro­jects under devel­op­ment and ready for release in the next year.

The myth­ic­al Tab­let is likely the biggest announce­ment tomor­row, and tech­no­logy pun­dits have not been shy in pre­dict­ing what the device will have (or not).

This all sounds too ser­i­ous to me, so let’s have a little fun with it. Thank­fully I don’t have to do the hard work, because Dav­id Weiss launched his Pre­dic­tion Score­card .pdf.

…as an Apple Event approached work con­ver­sa­tion would take second place to spec­u­la­tion about what Apple would announce. Lunch time con­ver­sa­tion was con­sumed with a battle of pre­dic­tions and the white board in front of my office became the loc­a­tion for people to pub­licly make their claims. After the event we would gath­er around the white board and col­lect­ively determ­ine who did the best.

I’ll be fol­low­ing along, and will post my score after the dust has settled — why don’t you do the same? Fun for all, for free 😉

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