All righty then. Just fin­ished up a cool con­ver­sa­tion with a dude that I have to meet with later to fig­ure out some stuff.

Now, I guess I’ll keep plug­ging away at writ­ing, nay, test­ing Write or Die, a tim­ing and word­count inter­face that helps focus your writ­ing by impos­ing lim­it­a­tions and con­sequences on your writing.

I’ve not bumped into the con­sequences yet, but I have bumped into the limitations.

- it’s hard to spellcheck.
— no oth­er format­ting com­mands, it’s all about get­ting the words out of your head and on the screen
— Oh, hey, the screen turned red when I paused for thought. Cool.. Just to let me know that I should­n’t do that, I guess.

Now then, this test is only a 200 word­count test, and I set a time lim­it of 10 minutes to write it.

At this point, includ­ing the 3 minutes of con­ver­sa­tion that occured after I launched the app, but before I star­ted actu­al writ­ing, I’m at 159 words and about 4 minutes remain­ing. I should be able to make the deadline…maybe.

Wow, one thing I do notice; all this con­cen­trated writ­ing is caus­ing me to notice my wrists. Usu­ally my writ­ing style is more thought­ful and cas­u­al, but right now I’m just spewing…oh, hey, I just made 200 words, with about 3 minutes to spare.

Well, I won’t edit this too much; I’ll just paste it in as is, and let it be an example of work cre­ated with Write or Die.

After writ­ing using this tool, here’re some thoughts:
— Yes, I’d use it again
— My wrist is kinda sore right now
— It could use some addi­tion­al edit­ing / lay­out features
— Any­thing writ­ten using Write or Die *must* be edited…typing spew is not good reading

26 seconds left — copy to clip­board just in case 🙂 Sav­ing now.