In Transition — as the page says

Due to a monu­ment­al FUBAR between my web­site host, serv­er restric­tions, and some resource-heavy word­press plu­gins, is cur­rently without a home.

All is not lost:

  • I have a backup of the site, con­tent, posts, com­ments etc
  • I retain my domain names etc
  • I have a boat-load of work ahead of me as I research and rebuild

Les­sons learned:

  1. Backups are essen­tial
  2. You get what you pay for
  3. Some­times you get burned

Things to do:

  • point exist­ing domain names to this word­press-hos­ted blog
  • Reasearch robust hosts (I prefer a hos­ted solu­tion as I do use some 3rd party plu­gins)
  • Take a deep breath 🙂

So, what have I missed. Any advice for me as I make this rather unsched­uled trans­ition? Com­ments are wel­come!

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