Looks like we’re doomed

Picked up Gloom­haven. Think of it as D&D as a boardgame. It’s the num­ber one game on BoardGameGeek, so it’ll likely be pretty good. Also, the reviews like it. We set up and star­ted get­ting famil­i­ar with it last night. Con­sider it Ses­sion Zero in D&D par­lance. Can­’t wait for Ses­sion One!

NEC PC-8201a Adventures – Part Two: Rebuilding the NiCad Battery Pack

These were great bat­ter­ies, 40 years ago. This was a good task to start on. It’d been years since I’ve done any ser­i­ous elec­tron­ics work, and my pre­vi­ous Ardu­ino pro­ject, while suc­cess­ful, reminded me just how much I’d for­got­ten about elec­tron­ics over the years. And my skills had mostly van­ished too. So a nice easy pro­ject was […]

NEC PC-8201a Adventures — Part One: It’s here, now what?

Back in the early-to-mid ’80s, per­son­al com­put­ing was find­ing it’s way. Desktop com­puters were becom­ing more vis­ible in smal­ler busi­nesses, but the work of com­put­ing still had to be done at the work­place. Port­able com­puters were really just shrunken down desktops — they were called lug­gables at the time. Then came the revolu­tion, as they say. […]

Instructable: Arduino Keyboard Joystick Extender Box and Sound Controller Thing Using Deej

Update Jan. 23, 2021: Looks like the Joy­stick cir­cuit has failed as it no longer toggles the Mute func­tion. Well, I wasn’t too happy with the ini­tial wir­ing job so this may be an oppor­tun­ity to update that. A while ago I developed an interest in Ardu­ino micro­con­trol­lers, and this is my first ‘actu­al’ project. […]

Waiting Followers

(Char­ac­ter sketch and back­ground for a Dave Gross Call of Cthul­hu cam­paign: Hor­ror on the Ori­ent Express, 2016) The club was lively; a typ­ic­al Thursday even­ing at our usu­al retreat in Birm­ing­ham. When our sched­ules per­mit­ted, we traveled north to escape the din and bluster of Lon­don as the week ended. Benny Peyton’s Jazz Kings […]

For 3d Printing, Levelling the Bed is Finicky

So a week or so ago I tweaked some­thing on my print­er. Maybe it was ini­tial lay­er height. Maybe I adjus­ted a bed screw. Not sure, but all of a sud­den my prints would­n’t stick to the bed prop­erly. Using the ‘paper drag’ meth­od of bed lev­el­ling ‘sort of’ worked. But it really was trial […]

3d printing small board game accessories

I’m really happy when I can com­bine two of my hob­bies. This time it’s Boardgam­ing and 3d Print­ing. Often, many games have tokens or chits that are pooled for play­ers to take at dif­fer­ent times dur­ing play.  Usu­ally, these sit in piles around the main game area. On Thingi­verse, swholmstead shared this neat design — which I […]