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How I’m preparing for the new Star Wars movie.

I’m set. We have even­ing tick­ets in the swanky-wide-butt seats at the local omniplex.

But, I want to revisit the story line prior to the event. So, off to watch the six pre­vi­ous movies I go.

Or do I?

This post in a local fan group on Face­book has me think­ing… do I need to see them all in the order they were created?

You watch new hope, watch empire, GO BACK and skip phantom men­ace because it is garbage, watch clone, watch revenge, then fin­ish with return”

OK, inter­est­ing idea. Switch up the order a bit and nuke the Phantom Men­ace. Sounds like a plan.

And another response men­tions mak­ing sure to watch the Des­pe­cial­ized ver­sions if avail­able. Here’s a mini-documentary on the cre­ation of these versions:

Because, frankly, too many changes (not for the bet­ter) were made to the vari­ous ver­sions through the years. I want to live in a uni­verse where Han shot first :)

Team Tracy Mod — A Thunderbirds House Rules Modification

Last night was our groups first play­through of Thun­der­birds. We’d played vari­ous co-op games, and spe­cific­ally Matt Lea­cock designed games, before. We knew we were in for a chal­len­ging yet fair co-op gam­ing exper­i­ence in the Thun­der­birds uni­verse. Fun!

Well, maybe.

The first and second games ended rather quickly. We under­stood the rules, but the char­ac­ters we had were unable to coördin­ate quickly enough to avert them.

So, in the interest of sal­va­ging the even­ing and get­ting back to hav­ing fun, we decided on the fol­low­ing modifications:

  1. All Char­ac­ters are par­ti­cip­at­ing in the game, no mat­ter the num­ber of play­ers. In our case that left two char­ac­ters without human play­ers. Every human player con­trols one char­ac­ter, but extra char­ac­ters are con­trolled by the group.
  2. We altered the Turn Over­view. In our game, Turn order var­ies dur­ing a ’round’ depend­ing on the strategy the group decides is going to be executed for that round. As each player takes a turn, they flip their char­ac­ter card over so we can remem­ber that player has played. The same applies to group-controlled char­ac­ters. Once all char­ac­ter cards are face down, the round ends and the char­ac­ter cards are reset, and a new round begins.

We felt that these modi­fic­a­tions allowed the entire Tracy fam­ily to par­ti­cip­ate in the game, as they usu­ally do in the TV show. And by allow­ing the turn order to be flex­ible and respons­ive to the cur­rent situ­ation, we felt it bet­ter reflec­ted the TV show’s theme of team­work — hence the name, the Team Tracy Mod. Also, it made for a much more fun and involving game.


I will vote Oct. 19. Will you?

Every so often we have the abil­ity to influ­ence the future. Oct. 19th, Cana­dians will have that oppor­tun­ity, if they choose to.
I will be vot­ing for a change of gov­ern­ment. This one has failed repeatedly and has not earned my trust for another term.

So yes, I will be vot­ing on Octo­ber 19th. Will you?

Have your friends pay you back directly with PayPal.Me

Do you lend friends money, and they never have cash to pay you back? Well PayPal has cre­ated a tool that will help your friend pay you back through PayPal; it’s called PayPal.Me

Basic­ally you get a cus­tom URL at PayPal (Mine’s if any­one feels like test­ing this) , that any­one with a PayPal account can instantly use to trans­fer money to you. Simple idea, with lots of potential.

Of course, since it’s cus­tom­ized, if you’ve got a brand or pop­u­lar name, you may want to grab yours quickly.


Post it. Text it. Tag it. Share it. Shout it. And let your friends pay you back in a tap or two. Grab your PayPal.Me link today.

Source: PayPal.Me

Card Hunter becomes Loot & Legends and now available for iPad

I’ve been play­ing this cool D&D-like game on the PC for a while now, and am quite happy to see it on the iPad.

Card Hunter Loot & Legends has a very old-school feel to it, includ­ing some ‘unusual’ com­ment­ary from the Dun­geon Master.

It’s a free app, with in-app pur­chases for addi­tional char­ac­ters, etc. Worth the down­load.