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Lesson One: Major Scale

Ok, this may seem a bit weird to reg­u­lar read­ers of my blog, but I’m going to be archiv­ing my course­work in my Berklee/Coursera pro­grams on this blog.

Per­haps someone else will get some value out of it, or offer hints or sug­ges­tions for improve­ments. Either way, it’ll make it a very easy ref­er­ence to me and my growth through this course

Cours­era — Devel­op­ing your musi­cian­ship — Peer Assign­ment 1 — Les­son One: Major Scale

Write in your own words the defin­i­tions of har­mony, ear train­ing, and interval.

Har­mony — the rela­tion­ship between notes played at the same time, or chords. Notes played together that cre­ate a gen­er­ally pleas­ing sound is often called har­mo­ni­ous, and notes that don’t sound good together are often described as dis­har­mo­ni­ous. Har­mo­ni­ous notes are used to build a chord or chord progression.

Ear Train­ing — The activ­ity that teaches you to con­sist­ently, cor­rectly identify a par­tic­u­lar sound and asso­ci­ate it to a musical tone or equi­val­ent sound from an instru­ment. Ear train­ing will enable you to identify when a singer is singing off key, or on key.

Inter­val — The dif­fer­ence in pitch or tone between two notes. Using the 12 note scale, the inter­val can be expressed as either a WHOLE inter­val or HALF inter­val depend­ing on which notes are used to make up the scale.

There is a spe­cific pat­tern to the inter­val between notes in the 12 note scale: W-W-H-W-W-W-H.

In the key of C, a half inter­val exists between C and C#, and a whole inter­val exists between C and D. Wheras in the key of E, a half inter­val exists between E and F, and a whole inter­val exists between E and F#.

Find three record­ings of songs in the key of C and post links to per­form­ances of them that you find on You­Tube, Vimeo, Daily­mo­tion, or a sim­ilar pub­lic video site.

Some resources I found help­ful to determ­ine song key:

Write the C major scale on the staff by hand.

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National Puppy Day! And Annie!!

(TYPE A OR B) WeeklyBeats9

Weekly­Beats sub­mis­sion for week 9. I may have gone over the top on this one. Intro is very heavy handed. Exper­i­mented with the new Z3TA+ synth for iPad, as well as the cur­rent stable; Thor, Sun­r­izerXS, Nave, and a little Magel­lan. Lots of pans. Some com­pres­sion. A big exper­i­ment in many ways.… I hope you enjoy!

Album Art a shot from Artwick’s ori­ginal Flight Sim­u­lator for the Apple ][.

Update: Love the com­ment I received on it over at Weekly­Beats:

Nice! Soundtrack for the birth of a new galaxy! Sounds great in my ATH-M50s!

WeeklyBeats7 — Cold Night

Cover for my latest sub­mis­sion to Weekly­Beats 2014. Wanted to go for an atmo­spheric sound again, some­thing more ambi­ent. Maybe this worked. Maybe not, but it came out as a com­plete unit. Also tried stick­ing to a small ‘band’. In this case used instru­ments from SampleTank: Blue Phaser elec­tric piano, Xpander Phat synth pad, Cos­mic Pad synth pad, and Min­im­oog echo 2 synth lead.

Also brought in some Abstract Atmo­sphere 50 from Gar­age­band — which I used as my DAW.

Image is from some­thing I took out the win­dow a bunch of years ago. Loved the light pil­lars in the minus 40 weather.

Better than Flappy Bird. Because Orbits!

Yeah, Flappy Bird got old quick, but this little gem has me trapped in its grav­ity well (see what I did there?).

Flappy Space Pro­gram, just like Flappy Bird, is simple. Click to launch your bird. Now, keep tap­ping to over­come grav­ity and launch your bird into orbit. Simple no?

Ok, now add another bird. Then another. Oh, they collided.

It’s Fri­day. You’re wel­come ;)

Because KSP

Gra­vi­oli is a new Kerbal Space Pro­gram video by Nas­aault that’s also a trib­ute to the recent space block­buster Grav­ity. KSP is turn­ing into one amaz­ing pro­gram — and it’s not even out of Beta yet!
Shut­ting up now. Enjoy the movie!


Thought I’d make a treat­ment of our ‘UNDERDOG’, Bog­art. The Under­dog concept came from a post by our CaliCan Res­cue honcho, Rene. He was in a res­taur­ant in Cali­for­nia, on a trip to pick up a new pack of res­cues, and after explain­ing to the waiter why he was there, the waiter replied; ‘Thank you for sav­ing the Under­dogs’. Bog­art is our UNDERDOG.