Don’t want to install employer’s Multi-Function Authentication app on your phone? Five reasons to support your position.

In case you are looking for a few reasons beyond 'I just don't want to', which is fine, and a valid reason on its own. Here's more.

  1. Avoid­ing per­son­al device risks: By installing your employ­er­’s MFA applic­a­tion on your per­son­al phone, you may expose your per­son­al device to the risks of hack­ing, data breaches, and oth­er cyber-attacks. Using a phys­ic­al fob instead of a mobile app can help you avoid these risks and keep your per­son­al device secure.
  2. Avoid­ing poten­tial con­flicts: If you use your per­son­al phone for work-related tasks, installing your employ­er­’s MFA applic­a­tion may cre­ate con­flicts between your per­son­al and pro­fes­sion­al lives. For example, your employ­er may have access to your per­son­al data or require you to use your per­son­al phone dur­ing non-work­ing hours.
  3. Ensur­ing reli­able access: A phys­ic­al fob can provide more reli­able access to your work accounts and applic­a­tions, as it does­n’t depend on factors such as phone bat­tery life, con­nectiv­ity, or soft­ware updates. You can avoid the incon­veni­ence of being locked out of your work accounts due to tech­nic­al issues.
  4. Meet­ing reg­u­lat­ory require­ments: Depend­ing on your industry or job, using a phys­ic­al fob may be a require­ment to com­ply with reg­u­lat­ory stand­ards such as HIPAA, SOX, or PCI-DSS. By using a fob, you can ensure that you’re meet­ing the neces­sary secur­ity and com­pli­ance requirements.
  5. Mit­ig­at­ing secur­ity risks: Phys­ic­al fobs are often con­sidered more secure than mobile apps, as they are less sus­cept­ible to mal­ware, phish­ing attacks, or social engin­eer­ing. By using a phys­ic­al fob, you can mit­ig­ate the risks of iden­tity theft, data breaches, or unau­thor­ized access to your work accounts.





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