How social media tools can enhance and extend the reach of an event

screens_300.jpgThis past Friday I went to a fundraiser Celebrity Chef event hosted by a friend and local Edmonton social media personality (and Bacon Guy) Jerry Aulenbach.

Held at a local premier burger restaurant, the evening was one of good food, good conversation, and a lot of glowing screens.

The restaurant had set aside a section for the fundraiser crew, complete with a laptop and projector.


Audience Participation
This is where the first Social Media tool comes in. Jerry had TwitterFall set up on the projector, which means all the tweets that evening using the hashtag #YEGBurger would be projected for all to see on the wall.

Broadcasting to the masses
And since there were a few iPhones in hand, photo coverage had to happen. We used Instagram to upload some images during the evening. In my case, I had my iPad and camera, so used the Apple Camera Connection Kit to offload images from my SD card, edit them on the iPad, then upload them with Instagram. Worked quite well! Once set up, Instagram can upload your photos to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or Flickr in one go. Very handy.


The last app. is really the one that holds this whole instant coverage of an event together — Twitter. Without that common hashtag channel , #yegburger, half the spontaneous fun in the room would have been lost.


Twitter was the initial meeting place for many of the attendees, and was a great way to encourage participation in this fundraiser. And, Twitter allowed folks at the event a way to easily share the goings on with others unable to attend.

So we had fun, still engaged in social media whilst out in the world, and at the end of the night, we even raised a few dollars for a very good cause.

Update! Video is yet another social media vector, as this awesome Time-Lapse video of the evening’s shenanagans (including the Bacon Suit) will attest:

#yegBurger from Rob & Lauren on Vimeo.

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