Month: January 2009

  • No reason NOT to get a new computer this year.

    Only in Canada ‘eh? Pity! The recently announced Cana­dian Budget seems to have a dir­ect boon to me. I was­n’t expect­ing it. I was expect­ing more of the same gen­er­al eco­nom­ic stim­u­lus pack­ages, etc. But here’s some­thing that applies to me directly. Temporary 100-Per-Cent Capital Cost Allowance Rate for Computers In light of the eco­nom­ic slow­down, Budget…

  • eeePC Netbook Ubuntu mod and a bit of fun

    As you can see, I’ve man­aged to get Tweet­Deck installed on my lan­guish­ing eeePC 8G Netbook. Ori­gin­ally we’d picked the eeePC up as a light web browser, but found the nat­ive Xan­dros OS a bit weak. Time passed and we’d not had time to really explore the poten­tial of this little guy…until now. First off, the…

  • Great Big Head up to his nose in snow

    With all the snow melt­ing it seemed that this Great Big Head was finally get­ting his head above the snow. Tomor­row’s fore­cast is more snow.