Another way to count the vote


Canada isn’t the only nation hav­ing an elec­tion in May. Folks in the United King­dom go to the polls on May 5th — and when they do, they’ll not only be select­ing their lead­ers, they’ll be vot­ing on a ref­er­en­dum to change they way votes are coun­ted. And this has the chance to really make your trip to the polling sta­tion, and the act of cast­ing a vote, much more valu­able.

You see, I find this inter­est­ing as I’d nev­er really con­sidered weight­ing my vote before. Yes, it makes per­fect sense to rank your can­did­ates in order of pref­er­ence, but for some reas­on, it’s just not done here. If it were, I’d have much more interest in find­ing out more about the can­did­ates in my rid­ing and vot­ing for the per­son, instead of the party or the lead­er.

If you’re won­der­ing what I’m talk­ing about, check out this video explain­ing the United King­dom ref­er­en­dum on the vot­ing pro­cess.

Note, this is a paid post (I get pen­nies per view; but only if you’re view­ing the video from the UK) but frankly, I think it’s an inter­est­ing enough concept that we in Canada should look at and con­sider this type of sys­tem. I think it would make me feel that my vote is more mean­ing­ful.

Your thoughts?

Published by Brad Grier geek.hack