Launching a photoblog

I’ve been want­ing to do this for a while, but hadn’t really had a val­id reas­on to ‘get me going’ on it. Until now, and the recent vaca­tion my wife and I took to Que­bec. is the URL of the pho­tob­log that’ll con­tain images, gal­ler­ies and posts. Sounds like any reg­u­lar blog right? Well, our intent for this one is to have longer form posts, and ‘fin­ished’ images (cropped, edited, tweaked, etc) on the site. I like to think it’ll be more pol­ished 🙂

We’d star­ted with one post and a photo gal­lery on our trip to Que­bec:

In future I’ll take a look at some of the tech­no­logy I’ve used to make the blog, espe­cially relat­ing to themes and present­a­tion. But for now, we need to get more of our stor­ies on the site! Stay tuned…

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