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  • World’s workforce suffers huge productivity loss due to Google

    Earli­er today Google decided to see how much it could influ­ence the eco­nomy and pro­ductiv­ity of first and second world nations by unleash­ing a vir­al online attack against Inter­net-con­nec­ted office work­ers world wide. Ostens­ibly pro­moted as a 30 year anniversary of a clas­sic video game, Google is, in real­ity, bring­ing work­place activ­ity to a crawl. In Canada,…

  • Chuck Norris — eat your heart out.

    You know, I’m thinkin’ Chuck Nor­ris could learn a thing or two from this guy. He’s got pan­ache, gets the girls, does­n’t seem to break a sweat in tight situ­ations, and occa­sion­ally drinks beer. Hat Tip to Larysa at Click­free 🙂