Tag: Robots

  • Boppin’ with the BeBot!

    iPad music and synth apps all seem to be try­ing to exactly rep­lic­ate the exper­i­ence of using a real syn­thes­izer or instru­ment, like Vir­tu­oso Piano 3 . Recently I dis­covered BeBot, an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad music app that breaks that stereotype. Accord­ing to the developer, BeBot is: …Part syn­thes­izer, part anim­ated robot. Touch­ing the screen causes the robot to…

  • Huge Lego Mindstorms Robotic Chess Board [video]

    Gotta love the ingenu­ity that goes into stuff like this. It’s a huge Chess set, with the pieces made from Lego Mind­storm robots. 

  • The coolest indie video I’ve seen all year

    Think Dis­trict 9, or Inde­pend­ence Day. But done for $300 by someone with a crap-load of tal­ent. In Uruguay. With Giant Robots! And now he’s got a movie deal: The pic­ture will be a sci-fi thrill­er set in Argen­tina and Uruguay. In case you’re hop­ing to see the fea­ture-length ver­sion of “Pan­ic Attack!” in a…