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  • More Muppet Music Madness

    A few weeks ago I linked to the awe­some Bohemi­an Rhaps­ody You­Tube video (check it out if you missed it), and now, here’s two more HD music vids with one of my favour­ite  Mupp —  Beak­er. Enjoy. Ode To Joy (HD) Beak­er­’s Bal­lad (HD)

  • Queen + Muppets = Rhaposody (of the Bohemian kind)

    The fol­low­ing post is a Quick­Hit™ — an art­icle or post I found online and thought was import­ant enough to share dir­ectly with you. Of course, you’ll see my thoughts or opin­ions pre­pen­ded or appen­ded to this post, oth­er­wise I’m just scrap­ing con­tent, and that’s not the intent. This made the rounds yes­ter­day, but I…