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  • Setting up the Gadget

    In my pre­vi­ous post I talked about the Gad­get synth suite by Korg. Well, I kinda flailed around until I got some­thing I liked. Per­haps I should have watched this You­Tube video on it before flail­ing and I may have made bet­ter progress. Learn from my mistake 😀

  • Gadget and Claire

    This week’s Weekly­Beats cre­ation — I had no idea what I’d be doing this week. Then Korg went and released the cool Gad­get app for the iPad and I knew I’d be using it. A few hours later, some futz­ing around in Gar­age­Band for the drumkit, gui­tars and mix, and it’s done. Thanks to my drum­mer…

  • Apple vs the App Developers

    Pre­vi­ously I’d writ­ten about the impend­ing launch of Gar­age Band for iPad, and men­tioned how Apple’s release of this app will chal­lenge smal­ler inde­pend­ent app developers in the music cre­ation space. Today’ I’m at it again. With yes­ter­day’s release of iOS 4.3, it seems that Apple has again taken a bite out of a developer­’s rev­en­ue…

  • Did Apple just kill a small part of the music industry?

      Ever since the iPhone and iPod Touch caught the atten­tion of developers of developers with an interest in music, there have been music apps in the iTunes App store. With yes­ter­day’s announce­ment of Gar­age Band for iPad these smal­ler niche developers could be chal­lenged by the vast devel­op­ment resources Apple can bring to bear. Gar­age Band iPad…

  • iPad synth app takes on Tron: Legacy tune [video]

    Daft Punk’s track Derezzed as per­formed by the cool KORG iMS-20 app on the iPad. Show’s the power of these little pads: