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  • Bob tries out a new plane.

    Bob tries out a new plane on a short cross-country mid-winter flight into the Rockies. Things go wrong, but Bob prevails.

  • Space Debris Precautions for Launch — Considerations for a Safe Mission

    Precautions have been implemented to ensure safe space launches amidst the growing threat of space debris. These measures include advanced detection and avoidance technology, enhanced launch vehicle design, precise launch windows, orbital cleanup, and emergency protocols. By implementing these measures, we can mitigate the risks associated with the Kessler Syndrome and protect valuable assets in…

  • The Waiting Followers

    The Waiting Followers

    (Char­ac­ter sketch and back­ground for a Dave Gross Call of Cthul­hu cam­paign: Hor­ror on the Ori­ent Express, 2016) The club was lively; a typ­ic­al Thursday even­ing at our usu­al retreat in Birm­ing­ham. When our sched­ules per­mit­ted, we traveled north to escape the din and bluster of Lon­don as the week ended. Benny Peyton’s Jazz Kings…