What a way to write off the weekend

Aside from grunting through my taxes, this weekend has been rather entertaining, from an iPad perspective. Many game apps were available (and still are) at a fire-sale price, so I jumped in and picked up a few, but one really stood out for me.

The game I’m most impressed with is Battleheart — an old-school tactical RPG with an uber cute design aesthetic. And it’s a darn good and engaging game too! It’s not really story based, rather scene based as you shepherd your troop of hardy adventurers through 30 challenging levels, to defeat evil (of course, what RPG wouldn’t have you defeating evil?).

According to the developers:
Create a unique party of heroes, and lead them in frantic real-time battles against monsters of ever increasing power. Lay waste to your foes with dozens of unique special powers as you gain experience, upgrade your party’s equipment, and craft them into the ultimate battle force!

— Features —

  • Easily command your army via simple touch commands.
  • Create a unique party from numerous character classes, including stealthy rogues, powerful wizards and stoic knights!
  • Customize your heroes via dozens of unique skills – literally hundreds of class and skill combinations!
  • Make the most of your party’s skills to control the battlefield – turn your opponents into frogs, stun them with poisons, or simply destroy them with meteor strikes and whirlwinds of steel!
  • Over 100 unique items to collect and equip across a 30+ level campaign, complete with epic boss battles!
    Put your custom party to the ultimate test in survival arenas, where rare and unique rewards can be found!
  • Incredibly sharp animation and art designed specifically for the Retina Display and iPad!

And of course, I’ve got a video…

Battleheart - Mika Mobile