Month: February 2008

  • Lunar eclipse rekindles my interest in social astronomy

    Photo Cred­it: Lance Taylor The Feb­ru­ary 20th event where the Earth drif­ted between the Sun and the Moon was an inter­est­ing one for me. After Tess men­tioned the night before that it’d likely be vis­ible here (Edmon­ton, Alberta, Canada), and that we do have a nice little tele­scope, some bin­ocu­lars, and a couple of cam­er­as, that…

  • New Moo Cards

    It’s about time. I’ve been run­ning low on my last batch of Moo cards, so a couple of weeks ago decided to have a new batch made. I’ve been a little more cre­at­ive, but had to get the dogs in there too. Tech­nor­ati Tags: Moo Cards, Moo, Busi­ness Cards, Social Media, Pho­to­graphy, Brad Gri­er

  • Jott now offering local Canadian phone numbers

    I’ve wanted to post about Jott before, but have held off because this cool tech­no­logy was­n’t avail­able out­side of Toronto. Con­trary to pop­u­lar opin­ion, many Cana­dians live in towns, vil­lages and cit­ies oth­er than Toronto.  To bring you up to speed quickly, Jott is a tele­phone-based voice-mes­sage-to-text ser­vice that util­izes human and voice recog­ni­tion tech­no­logy…