iPad and iPhone used in Christmas Concert

I’m always a suck­er for iPad and iPhone ‘instru­ment’ videos, so here’s anoth­er — an iBand per­form­ing at a com­munity church. North Point’s iBand from North Point Web. Though the instru­ments are vir­tu­al, the musi­cian­ship is real. Well done!

Christmas Lego

Just anoth­er excuse to take some pho­tos of a couple of Christ­mas lego con­struc­tions. Simple lay­out: Drape a bright red scarf as a seam­less back­ground Pos­i­tion Lego object Shoot with the zoom racked in to tele­photo Off­load image to the iPad Pro­cess / crop with Instra­gram Upload to Flickr Blog about it 🙂

Add this to my Christmas List

If you’re a fan of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, then this book, The Mak­ing of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, had bet­ter be on your Christ­mas list this year. It’s on mine 🙂 Watch the video and find out why…

A few reasons why I’ll get an iPad before Christmas — perhaps. Maybe.

Over the last little while I’ve been fol­low­ing the news around Apple’s latest tech­no­lo­gic­al mar­vel, the iPad. Sure, at this time, only the Wi-Fi ver­sion is avail­able (and only in the US), but there’re enough news and reviews out there that it’s quite easy for­mu­late an early opin­ion — espe­cially since I already have an […]

Tech with family at the holidays

This Christ­mas has prob­ably the most intens­ive tech-soaked hol­i­day peri­od I’ve had with friends and fam­ily. It was refresh­ing to see the ways that recent tech devel­op­ments have allowed us to enjoy the gath­er­ing, events, exper­i­ence and excite­ment. …more This post is an excerpt from one of my weekly posts on the Future Shop Techb­log. […]

Another favourite Christmas gift from the annals of tech time

In the last half of the pre­vi­ous cen­tury, tech­no­logy was sim­pler. Com­puter cir­cuits were just com­ing into their own on a piece of sil­ic­one called an IC, or Integ­rated Cir­cuit — a chip. Bud­ding young hob­by­ists want­ing to learn this arcane art of elec­tron­ics had one great omni­bus took to help them out… …more This […]

Three tech stocking stuffers

By now you should have had all your major gifts bought, wrapped and out of the way, but what about the little things, the cool tech toys that just fit in that stock­ing, hung by the chim­ney with care. Fear not, I’ve got a stock­ing stuffer list that will help you out in these final […]