Experiment in Atmospherice

Week Three
Well, I was disappointed that I didn’t have more time for my third (weekly) submission to WeeklyBeats — but it’s my own fault that I let my time get away from me this week.

In the time I had, I managed to stitch together a few tracks and make a salvageable attempt at an atmospheric bit. Perhaps something that would work as a background track to movie credits or a video game mood setter.

Anyway, give it a listen and I’d appreciate your feedback.

And you can review all my tracks here — at my WeeklyBeats page.


The latest image for an upcoming composition exercise with WeeklyBeats. It’s fun to make the music AND envision an album cover for the tune. Image captured with my iPhone and edited with my iPad.

Flightline should be is live on the WeeklyBeats.com site January 12th around 5pm MST now.