SpaceX’s Falcon 9 lands ‘nicely vertical’ within 10 meters of target … in the ocean

And that’s how it’s done.

SpaceX’s Fal­con 9 came back to Earth after a suc­cess­ful launch today, land­ing in the ocean with­in 10 meters of its actu­al tar­get. And though it didn’t make the plat­form as ori­gin­ally inten­ded, the com­pany thinks that absent rough weath­er, the rock­et have worked as planned.

Rock­et soft-landed in the ocean with­in 10m of tar­get & nicely ver­tic­al,” tweeted SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. “High prob­ab­il­ity of good drone­ship land­ing in non-stormy weath­er.”

… via Ven­ture Beat

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