Brushstroke — a rather cool iOS filter app

Blue JayI love the idea of tak­ing a good pho­to­graph­ic image and manip­u­lat­ing it so it looks like it was a paint­ing. It fol­lows then, that I quite enjoy exper­i­ment­ing and find­ing a cool ios fil­ter app that facil­it­ates this.

I like see­ing how tech­nic­ally gif­ted people have cre­ated soft­ware to ‘see’ as a water­col­our artist sees, or as an impres­sion­ist sees. Cre­ativ­ity. You can see some of my exper­i­ments on my Flickr stream.

My latest explor­a­tion has been with Brush­stroke — a rather fully-fea­tured iOS fil­ter app. The Blue Jay image above is a render cre­ated with Brush­stroke — almost has an illus­tra­tion qual­ity about it.

Yeah, it’s pretty power­ful — hand­ling both water­col­our style as well as oil — and things in-between such as acrylics and gou­ache.

Unfor­tu­nately it doesn’t really label them all accord­ingly (Oil, Washed, Hatched, Simple, etc) but then again, it’s kinda fun to explore.

Cur­rently $2.99 in the app store — a fair price for a pretty cap­able app!


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