Over the year I’ve had a little bit of time to play the occa­sion­al iOS Role Play­ing Game (RPG). What I like in an RPG is good sol­id story and char­ac­ter devel­op­ment. And it’s through that lens that I’ve selec­ted my picks for Role Play­ing Games of 2014.

Role Playing Games

Steve Jackson’s Sorcery!

No, not That Steve Jack­son, this Steve Jack­son.

An inter­est­ing visu­al style and robust story-telling really engaged me with this one. As part one of a four-part series, it cap­tures the tra­di­tion­al RPG ele­ments, (move­ment, storytelling, lev­el­ling, encoun­ters, etc) in a way that seems intu­it­ive on an iPad (it’s also avail­able for Android).

Here’s what Inkle, the developer has to say about Steve Jack­son’s Sorcery!

An epic inter­act­ive fantasy adven­ture through a weird world of magic.
Steve Jack­son’s Sor­cery! is a four-part fantasy adven­ture like nev­er before. With tens of thou­sands of choices, the story rewrites itself around your actions. Battle weird and deadly creatures, cast power­ful spells, play with hon­our, or lie, cheat and steal. The fate of the land of Kakhabad is in your hands!

Honourable Mention

King of Dragon Pass

Wow, what a game. It’s a big game. With lots of stats, a robust world with a very rich his­tory. In my case, this is likely what pre­ven­ted King of Dragon Pass from being my top pick. There is so much there that every time I load up the game, if I’m not ready for a long gam­ing ses­sion, I feel overwhelmed.

But when I’m ready for a good even­ing with one game, then this is my go-to game. Def­in­itely worth the premi­um price tag.


By Brad Grier

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