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  • Cloudy in Edmonton, Canada

    Shot out my win­dow. It’s sup­posed to be spring, but these clouds are going to dump snow on us in a little bit.via Flickr http://flic.kr/p/eckKJS

  • It’s cold! Pamper your tech

    With the amount of gear I have around I’m sur­prised this does­n’t hap­pen to me more often. The weath­er in Edmon­ton has been rather cool of late, in the ‑20 to ‑30 degree range in fact. And today, since it’s warmed up to a reas­on­able ‑2, I decided to drive the car, rather than our oth­er,…

  • Some photos of the day

    I’m in Canada, so snow is a way of life at this time of year. It’s to be expec­ted, it’s routine, almost mundane. But occa­sion­ally you get the right mix of an early morn­ing snow­fall, and some really inter­est­ing light to provide the basis for creativity. Mix in a little Light­room tweak­ing, and I have fun:…

  • Winter Hoodoos

    The big snowstorm that hit Edmon­ton on Decem­ber 4th and 5th was accom­pan­ied by rather high winds, which depos­ited and sculp­ted the snow­drifts in my yard. Inter­est­ing shapes resulted.