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  • Final flight of the shuttle Enterprise as it arrives at its new NYC home [Video]

    Rid­ing atop NAS­A’s mod­i­fied Boe­ing 747 car­ri­er air­craft, NASA’s drop-test art­icle – the not quite an Orbit­er Enter­prise – flew to the New York area on April 27, 2012. It’s final home: the Intrep­id Sea Air and Space Museum.

  • US Space Shuttle Program Commemorated [Video]

    This has to be one of the best col­lec­tion of images of the US Space Shuttle Pro­gram any­where — built into a video that describes the pro­gram, tri­umphs and fail­ures. If you’ve got 45 minutes to spare, it’s worth a watch!

  • Atlantis on the Sun — Desktop Image

    I felt the need for a new desktop image for my com­puters, now that the Apollo 11 excite­ment has died down, and I was tir­ing of my Apollo 8 Earth­rise image. I found this neat shot of Atlantis trans­it­ing the Sun, by Thi­erry Legault. The fol­low­ing sizes at the NASA site: Full Size 1024×768 800×600 And…