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Tag: Linux

  • Music in the Air, music everywhere

    A friend recently turned me on to one cool applic­a­tion that let’s me listen to syn­chron­ized music from all my net­worked devices at the same time. This is likely one of the coolest soft­ware enhance­ments I’ve made to my home listen­ing exper­i­ence in a long time.

  • eeePC Netbook Ubuntu mod and a bit of fun

    As you can see, I’ve man­aged to get Tweet­Deck installed on my lan­guish­ing eeePC 8G Netbook. Ori­gin­ally we’d picked the eeePC up as a light web browser, but found the nat­ive Xan­dros OS a bit weak. Time passed and we’d not had time to really explore the poten­tial of this little guy…until now. First off, the…

  • It’s tiny, cool, and giving me an administration headache

    Recently we’d picked up an ASUS eee PC as a replace­ment for my ill Com­paq R3200. Well, not really as a replace­ment. You see, any­time we start look­ing into a hard­ware pur­chase, Tess and I review our need for the purchase. To make a long story short, I’m inher­it­ing her cool little Dell M1210, and…

  • Latest Ubuntu release unleashes my laptop

    As some of you may know, my house­hold serv­er and my age­ing Com­paq Pres­ario R3230CA laptop both run Ubuntu. Well ima­gine my sur­prise when the latest upgrade to Ubuntu (7.04 Feisty Fawn) activ­ated the dormant WiFi hard­ware. Pre­vi­ous Ubuntu ver­sions did­n’t sup­port the Broad­com 802.11g wire­less, but judging from my happy res­ults, the Feisty Fawn…