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  • How your mobile phone or tablet could save your life

    Believe it or not, there are many ways your mobile smart phone could be used when you find your­self in the middle of an emer­gency situ­ation,  aside from the obvi­ous — mak­ing a phone call for emer­gency assist­ance, I mean. The recent events in Japan and New Zea­l­and have shown that when dis­aster strikes, get­ting the…

  • Dancing with Turtles?

    The Green Turtle is fairly com­mon just off the shore of the condo we’re stay­ing at in Maui, but I had yet to see one when snorkel­ing — you can see plenty from the shore as they feed along the reef. Then I went out snorkel­ing yes­ter­day, and toward the end stumbled across this: