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  • Oldschool Atari games arrive on the iPad [video]

    This video review of the new (and free with Pong) Atar­i’s Greatest Hits app gives you a great over­view of the games and func­tion­al­ity. Pair it with the upcom­ing iCade hard­ware iPad arcade cab­in­et and you’ve got a winner!  

  • Another favourite Christmas gift from the annals of tech time

    In the last half of the pre­vi­ous cen­tury, tech­no­logy was sim­pler. Com­puter cir­cuits were just com­ing into their own on a piece of sil­ic­one called an IC, or Integ­rated Cir­cuit — a chip. Bud­ding young hob­by­ists want­ing to learn this arcane art of elec­tron­ics had one great omni­bus took to help them out… …more This…