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  • Checking out library books on your eReader?

    Got a Sony eReader and use the Sony Reader store? Well check out the little blue & white box in the right-hand sidebar on the page. Yep, you read correctly -- you can check out books from the library and read them on your eReader.

  • Kobo eReader updated — much better!

    Though it’s a great device, I’ve always been a little dis­ap­poin­ted with my Kobo eRead­er. Sure, I got the cool black one, and it will let me read my ebooks, but the read­ing exper­i­ence was nev­er that pol­ished. It’s almost as if the soft­ware run­ning the eRead­er was unfinished. Some of the things that annoyed…

  • How to easily convert almost any eBook to open ePub format

    My iPod Touch is also my eBook read­er. I use the Stanza app (recently upgraded), and the Stanza desktop applic­a­tion to get pdf and oth­er formats into my iPod Touch. But Stanza can­’t read all formats, and occa­sion­ally an impor­ted file will not dis­play cor­rectly — the lay­out gets messed up. This is where 2epub.com…

  • On Books. Information objects of pulp, ink, leather and glue.

    Lately I’ve been test­ing, review­ing and think­ing about eBooks and eBook read­ers, which has got me to won­der­ing about the value of a ‘real’ book, the dead-tree kind. …more This post is an excerpt from one of my weekly posts on the Future Shop Techb­log. Check out the full post here. XJAQ4AZDSF5T