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  • FX Photo Studio is a great addition to your iPad Darkroom

    It seems that new photo cap­ture and edit­ing tools for Apple’s iOS devices are being released every day. Often they’re aver­age qual­ity tools avail­able for a buck.

  • Saving time with Text Replacement utilities

    I write a lot. Blog posts, pro­pos­als, reports, reviews, email…you get the pic­ture. Often times I end up cre­at­ing new doc­u­ments that share sim­il­ar format or con­tent, and I cut-and-paste from older docs into new­er ones. But I’m lazy, and always look­ing for easi­er ways to get the job done… I’m Lazy Over the past year…

  • Free and good? It’s for the birds!

    Actu­ally it’s for you and me, and I’m refer­ring to the free online suite of tools that flies under the Avi­ary ban­ner. Actu­ally, it’s more than a suite of tools, Avi­ary is also a com­munity by and for con­tent creators: At Avi­ary, we believe that every­one in the world should have access to power­ful cre­ation…