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  • A pound of eBooks

    Over the week­end some com­ments raised good points about longev­ity of media. It was on a post about Microsoft plan­ning to shut down Xbox Live for the ori­gin­al Xbox gam­ing con­sole. This got me think­ing that I’d kinda heard these argu­ments before. Per­haps applied to dif­fer­ent sys­tems, maybe even to dif­fer­ent tech­no­logy, but they wer­en’t…

  • On Books. Information objects of pulp, ink, leather and glue.

    Lately I’ve been test­ing, review­ing and think­ing about eBooks and eBook read­ers, which has got me to won­der­ing about the value of a ‘real’ book, the dead-tree kind. …more This post is an excerpt from one of my weekly posts on the Future Shop Techb­log. Check out the full post here. XJAQ4AZDSF5T