Month: December 2015

  • Painting Mice and Mystics Miniatures — Part 1

    It’s been about 20 years since I last painted any­thing remotely sim­il­ar to these mini­ature game fig­ures for Mice and Mys­tics. I have a lot of re-learn­ing to do. Paint is now mostly acryl­ic, not enamel. New tech­niques like Dip­ping make the work easi­er. And the dif­fer­ing plastics used on dif­fer­ent minis makes each attempt interesting.…

  • Star Wars: The Brush Awakens

    Had to try out the new Star Wars: Crawl Gen­er­at­or. With a little Bob Ross flavour.

  • The Long Dark: Story Mode — Wow!

    I’ve been a fan (and Kick­starter sup­port­er) of The Long Dark for a while now, and have played it in sand­box mode off and on. As such, it’s cool and fun! But this trail­er for Story Mode gave me shivers. And not because we’re in the middle of a Cana­dian winter…